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Strike Alpha Corporate edition

Who is it for?

For companies managing lengthy and complex scaffolding contracts requiring valuations and applications for payment.

Strike Alpha users working in different departments (administration, commercial and estimating, contracts management, operations and logistics, and finance) will see immediate benefits from using the excellent Messaging system.

The software is also available in multi-branch format.

What does it do?

Strike Alpha software handles complex contracts from start to finish - from enquiry to billing. Millions of pounds worth of turnover are created by Strike users every working day.

It is straightforward for staff to learn because it follows the natural operational process, but its capacity to handle any number of multi-item contracts enables staff to maintain an organised approach to high volume workloads whilst retaining consistency and quality.

Will it repay investment?

The following are some of the key areas where our customers say they see a clear return on investment:

  • All variations, extras and unallocated works are systematically captured, priced and billed.
  • Time spent producing valuations and applications is dramatically reduced.
  • Profitability is improved by automatically billing for every day of extra hire.
  • Labour actuals are monitored against the labour estimate as works progress, so labour overspends can be addressed at the earliest opportunity.

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strike alpha corporate

ENJ ScaffoldingENJ Scaffolding purchased Strike back in 2004, and were immediately impressed with how much more revenue started to flow in. Keeping track of variations, extras and extra hire on large-scale projects was suddenly a lot simpler, and left more time to focus on winning more contracts. 2011 sees completion of the Aquatics Centre on the Olympics site, with all applications for payment processed by Strike software.