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Strike Alpha Estimator edition

Who is it for?

Estimators under pressure to win work in a challenging climate.

What does it do?

  • Logs all enquiries
  • Calculates materials, transport, labour, extra hire, overhead and target profit for all the scaffolding and ancillary items that comprise a scaffold estimate
  • Draws the scaffold in 2D and 3D, and produces materials and loading lists
  • Runs a TG20 compliancy check and issues either a compliancy status report for the client or a brief for the design engineer
  • Creates a professional quotation package for clients
  • H & S documentation
  • Outputs key reports for operational management and future planning
  • Stores everything for easy retrieval

Will it pay for itself?

Yes. By having a database of customers and site information, duplication of data entry is reduced and efficiency is increased.

Yes. Knowing exactly what your bottom-line costs are when negotiating price with a potential customer will give your company competitive edge.

Yes. Winning work on the back of a soundly constructed estimate pays dividends during management of the contract.

Yes. To be able to identify easily whether a design is required will save time and money, and minimise risk to your business.

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strike alpha estimator

StrikeSoft Ltd, an information member of the NASC since 2002, makes grateful acknowledgement to the NASC for permission to use the data in TG20. Technical Guidance on the use of BS EN12811-1 (Volumes 1 and 2, and Supplements).